HDI usually organises media advocacy Workshop for Mass Communication Students of Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State. This programme is aimed at building the interests of the students in reproductive health and rights reporting having chosen career pathways in the media. The program allows for building partnership with the respective institutions through developing potential media advocacy programs with youth input.

HDI Child Helpline at a Glance

Human Development Initiatives (HDI) offers telephone services together with other outreach services, to provide children in Nigeria the opportunity to make phone calls to the helpline in order to seek for help during emergencies or moments of crisis. Over the years, HDI Child helpline has succeeded in improving the Reproductive Health of adolescents through counseling, mentoring and referrals as the case may require.

A mobile phone number was introduced and dedicated to serve this purpose. This number is 0808-055-1376, which has been widely publicised to create awareness.


Human Development Initiatives also collaborates with a couple of other media agencies both print and electronic media to reach out to the wider community on important issues within HDI’s thematic areas. Some of these include: the Lagos State Radio Services owners of Radio Lagos & EKO FM; The Nation newspaper; other print and electronic media in Lagos, Ogun, Osun and Oyo states. Furthermore, HDI has over 30 publications including REPRO-MAT, a bi-annual newsletter and Accountability Assessment.