Human Development Initiatives (HDI) was conceived in 1996. It had its first public event in 1997 and was registered as a not for profit organisation in 1998.
The main objectives of the organisation are to build human capacity with emphasis on development; promote human development ideals; propagate and disseminate information on human development ideals and civic education at the grassroots and other levels of education; engage in developmental/educational activities such as research studies, seminars, conferences, street law programmes; investigate social malaise, prepare reports and publication.

HDI’s clients comprise women-especially widows, youths and teenagers – especially in-school adolescents, and children especially those in worst forms of labour. In fulfillment of its objectives, the organisation provides five broad category of services to its clients

Our Vision:
A society of empowered humans, devoid of social and economic vulnerabilities.

Our Mission:
To strengthen vulnerable HUMANS in society and build total human capacity through social DEVELOPMENT programmes that advance education for all and INITIATIVES that promote equality, justice, opportunities, transparency, accountability and civic participation in governance.