Human Development Initiatives celebrated her 25th anniversary of service to humanity. The Executive Director of HDI Nigeria, Mrs Olufunso Owasanoye, pointed out that with reflection and reminiscences of the past 25 years in the development space, it is obvious that much has been done; but much more needs to be done to attain the ideal of a society with citizens devoid of economic and social vulnerabilities seeing that our nation is yet bedeviled by an avalanche of challenges requiring concerted efforts of all and sundry.

The anniversary was commemorated with 25 Impact Projects such as 25 tertiary education scholarship for students with disabilities, 100 hearing aid for children with hearing impairment in four selected schools, 125 ECCDE chairs and 25 tables for five selected schools, 25 cane-guide for students with virtual impairment, 25 grinding machines for widows, 25 wheel-chairs for children with disabilities, HMO program for 25 widows, 25 bags of Rice and Garri for selected widows groups, 25 radio with touch-light for selected police stations in Mainland, 25 ankara fabrics for widows, and many more.